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Archive for February 2010

13 Days of Final Fantasy 13: Final Fantasy III

February 28, 2010

UPDATE: Before I do the article about Final Fantasy III, I just wanted to say I updated the Contests page. There are some pretty good contests in there you should check out. I’m also going to try to update some of the free stuff area too. “Again, most info taken from” Final Fantasy III […]

Movie Review- Shutter Island

February 27, 2010

Plot Drama is set in 1954, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels is investigating the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane and is presumed to be hiding on the remote Shutter Island. Review I thought this movie was very interesting. It was about 2 hours long, and I was on […]

Uppity Update!

February 27, 2010

Hey everyone! This is just a quick update on some stuff. I haven’t fixed the free stuff section yet in the side bar, or done the movie review, BUT I’ll get to those later. Until then, check out these interesting links I found earlier today. Sonic Fans Create Best Boycott Of All Time? Fallout […]

13 Days Of Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy II

February 26, 2010

“Again, all info from” Final Fantasy II The second installment of the series is a fantasy console role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) in 1988 for the Family Computer as the second installment of the Final Fantasy series. The game has received numerous enhanced remakes for the WonderSwan Color, the […]

Why are you screaming? I haven’t even cut you yet!

February 26, 2010

Hey everyone! Here are some random enertaining videos for you before I post the next part of the 13 days of Final Fantasy 13. This first video is from a guy who’s been in quarantine for 8 weeks. He raps about his time there as well as how its making him slowly go insane, its […]

Dastardly Deeds of Biology!

February 26, 2010

Well this will be a quick post as I’m studying for a biology exam right now. A second ago I just got 10 swagbucks for searching, I’m currently at 310. I need 140 more for another free $5 amazon gift card. I’m still updating this blog site, some of the pages on the right are […]

13 Days Of Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy

February 25, 2010

“All info from” Final Fantasy The first Final Fantasy is a console role-playing game created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, developed and published in Japan by Square (now Square Enix) in 1987, and published in North America by Nintendo of America in 1990. It is the first game in Square’s Final Fantasy series. Originally released for […]

New Swagbucks Today

February 25, 2010

Today is the day to join swagbucks! Today is Swagbucks’ 2 year anniversary and if you sign up you get 60 points for signing up! {60 points now is 6 points a day ago} They changed how the site is and how it works but it will still take 20 days to get a free […]

Thirteen Days of Final Fantasy

February 24, 2010

Finally got a swagbuck after a whole day of searching. Going to use that amazon gift cards toward a new xbox 360 elite when I have enough. Not much in gaming news today, but 13 more days till Final Fantasy XIII is released. Lots of mixed feelings towards that game on many of the gaming […]

Hello internet!!!

February 24, 2010

I bet you were just surfing through the interwebs when you finally arrived here, but don’t be afraid! This place isn’t dangerous. Quite the contrary. Welcome to my blog, and stay a while. You might enjoy it. If you want, check the stuff in the side barĀ  for methods of obtaining free stuff {i.e. amazon […]