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Been gone awhile!

March 18, 2010

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t made any new posts recently, I’ve been so busy with finals, but they are almost done 😀  So while I’m taking a break from studying my butt off, here are some funny videos I found around the web! Heartburn Commercial The Nightmare Before St. Patrick’s Day Mixing Soccer, Gymnastics, and […]

Nothing much really happening….

March 10, 2010

Hey everyone, thank you to those who commented recently! That really raised my spirits to see people actually going to my blog. Nothings happening lately. I haven’t found much news today that I thought was interesting. Though, I did buy Super Mario Sunshine two days ago for the gamecube. Its really fun, and feels like […]

13 Days of Final Fantasy: Cancelled :(

March 7, 2010

Hey Everyone, or the few that acctually read this lol, I’m cancelling the 13 days of Final Fantasy because I couldn’t keep up with it. I’ve been busy with school lately that I’ve kind of abandoned my blog and my website. But they will live on!!! Even though I’m cancelling the rest of 13 days […]

Late Night Post

March 1, 2010

Sorry everyone, no 13 Days of Final Fantasy part IV and V tonight 😦 I’m too busy with a biology essay that I can’t get around to it. Well I’ll postpone those for tomorrow with Final Fantasy VI! It will be FF chronicles and anthology in one day lol.

Hey everyone!

March 1, 2010

Just doing a quick update, sorry I didn’t post the next in the 13 Days of FF yesterday. Because I missed it, I’ll post 2 tonight. A couple updates to add is that I updated some of the contests in the contest section. I’ve also been trying to promote my site which is here! Thats […]

Uppity Update!

February 27, 2010

Hey everyone! This is just a quick update on some stuff. I haven’t fixed the free stuff section yet in the side bar, or done the movie review, BUT I’ll get to those later. Until then, check out these interesting links I found earlier today. Sonic Fans Create Best Boycott Of All Time? Fallout […]

Dastardly Deeds of Biology!

February 26, 2010

Well this will be a quick post as I’m studying for a biology exam right now. A second ago I just got 10 swagbucks for searching, I’m currently at 310. I need 140 more for another free $5 amazon gift card. I’m still updating this blog site, some of the pages on the right are […]

New Swagbucks Today

February 25, 2010

Today is the day to join swagbucks! Today is Swagbucks’ 2 year anniversary and if you sign up you get 60 points for signing up! {60 points now is 6 points a day ago} They changed how the site is and how it works but it will still take 20 days to get a free […]