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Dastardly Deeds of Biology!

Well this will be a quick post as I’m studying for a biology exam right now. A second ago I just got 10 swagbucks for searching, I’m currently at 310. I need 140 more for another free $5 amazon gift card. I’m still updating this blog site, some of the pages on the right are still empty, but I’ll get to them later today or tomorrow. I’ve added a contest page, where I’ll post multiple contests that are going on where the prizes are games or what not.

In other news…

  • At the Nintendo World Summit, got to interview Nintendo’s Marketing Executive, who says that Nintendo plans to focus on the hardcore gamers come this summer. But I highly doubt they will. They might have 3 or 4 games that are actually great out of 50 games that they dish out. It may take Nintendo a while before they start attracting the hardcore crowd.  Here’s Gamespot’s article on it:;title;3
  • Anyone excited for Battlefield Bad Company 2? EA has stated that when the game is released it will have free DLC on the first day. That sounds good to me. Though I’ve never played the first Bad Company game, but this new one does look amazing. Here’s Gamespot’s article on it:;title;2
  • The game Alpha Protocol now has a release date set for June 1st. Although it could change, it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m kind of excited for this game, but not to the point of getting it. I’ll be waiting until its release for reviews to see how it fares in comparison to other games of its genre. Here’s Gamespot’s article on it:;title;1

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