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Sunday Me Post

Hey everyone, or anyone. I know a long while back I posted I would be doing video game reviews, and I still plan to. I just haven’t had the time. But soon I’ll have some of my first reviews posted. I’ll keep updating when I actually start doing the reviews and what not. I also wanted to say I hope you like the new layout of the blog. Instead of one long blog post, I decided to just do individual ones. I guess to make it easier as well as quicker to post. Whatever I find I can post it right away. Anyways back to gaming, I also recently updated my backlog/game collection list. You can find it here [CLICK ME]. Those are the games I currently own. I plan to do reviews of the ones I have yet to beat, but will make exceptions if viewers ask me to review games I own and beat, or don’t own but will get soon. So yeah, hope you all enjoy the site. It’s been a long day, I’m heading to bed….

Oh, I’ll apologize in advanced if I slack on postings for a couple of days…. finals are soon approaching and the weeks are super busy….. So, if you have any objections to that, then go kick a lamp….


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