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Wednesday’s Other Stuff

What’s Special About This Number?

Have you ever wondered what is special about a number? Well this site has explanations for many. 9999 numbers to be exact. Its really interesting, check it out. Click Me I’m Special!

You Stuck It Where?

Wandering through the web, I found this post on another blog. A man posts on craiglist about a girl who did a naughty naughty thing to his flashdrive. Its pretty funny, but very weird. Click To Read

Geico Fires Voice Actor For Comment

He comments about the Tea Baggers and gets fired. Geez, I think its pretty rough. I don’t really care for the Tea Party Group, I don’t want to bring politics in here, but some of them are insane {and not in the good way}. But why would they fire Mr. Baxter just because of a comment. Some companies in the U.S. are very strange. Click For Geico?

The Muggs from Detroit

I recently found these guys on myspace, and I like their sound!!! They sound kind of 80’s hard rockish and it sounds great. Click for a listen…

I have a highdea!

What do pot-heads and stoners talk about or philosophize? Well this website is made up of stoner’s and their philosophies. Very interesting stuff, some really deep, but most really funny. Like whoa man! You’re killin my buzz. Click For Reality! {I thank my friend Freddy for showing me this site, lol}


Very weird. I wonder if those kids have friends or what? I also wonder how they will live out life without basic knowledge learned in schools, or even how their social skills will be like.

Episode 3: The Backstroke of the West

As a closer to today’s blog, I wanted to end funny. So here is something really funny. Its a Chinese sub-titled version of Star Wars Episode 3, and the sub-titles are hilarious! Click for funny!


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