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Movie Review- Alice In Wonderland


19-year-old Alice returns to the magical world from her childhood adventure, where she reunites with her old friends and learns of her true destiny: to end the Red Queen’s reign of terror.


I went into this movie with excitement and anticipation. I really liked the original Alice in Wonderland cartoon and really like any Alice in Wonderland adaptions (SciFi channel included). I’m also an avid Tim Burton fan, and believe he can take anything and make it Burton-esque as well as amazing. While watching this the first thing that hit me was, this is weirdly amazing. I loved how Burton envisioned the Wonderland world. It was truly stunning visually as well as musically. The actors in this movie also did an amazing job. Johnny Depp was typical Johnny Depp but he did a great Mad Hatter. Helena Bonham Carter was a great Red Queen. And Anne Hathaway was elegant as ever as the White Queen. This movie was great, but the only gripe I had with it was the emphasis on the Mad Hatter’s character. I never imagined him to ever have such a big role, but Burton found a way to do it.


This was a great movie. In my opinion, its not better than the original cartoon but almost at its level (yet they are two totally different entities). I recommend that you see this in theaters while it is still out and possibly buy it on DVD (or Bluray) when it get released later on. I felt that this movie was worth the two hours watching it as well as the ten dollars for the movie ticket. So see it now!


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