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Monday’s Other Stuff


David Thorne at 27/b6 has recently gone onto chatroulette to see what it is. I normally frequent his site because of its hilarious randomness. And this post of his is also hilarious. Click Me For Funny!


I saw this on another blog, and boy is this addicting. If you ever liked the Tremor movies then you’ll like this game. Its pretty easy: move the mouse, dodge the tremors, and keep everyone alive. The only hard part is the dodging lol. Have fun with it. Click Me To Play…

Your Destiny

Aol had an article about telling what your destiny is based on the reading of cards and your birthday. I don’t truly believe in this stuff, but my girlfriend sent it to me and it looked pretty interesting. It kind of matches my personality but hey fortune cookies do too. Click Here! It’s Your Destiny!

History Myths

Ever hear about something your whole life and thought it was true? Then years later you find out that it was a myth that you lived on. I just found a list of these. Oh the wild west, you weren’t so wild after all. Click Me For Facts


Need ideas to propose to your loved one? Well buzzfeed has three ideas that you could do. They are cheezy, but the last one is hilarious and a little gross. Click To Propose

College Humor’s Funnies

College humor has an extra set of facebook fails. Check these out if you want more. Click To Fail

I’ve Got Friends

A recent band I’ve heard, and I like the sound. Hope you enjoy!


This is also another band that I’ve heard that’s also pretty decent. They are pretty mellow, for all you easy listeners…


This is pretty neat, it’s a time-lapse of a painting. Pretty amazing stuff!

Cool Stop Motion

This is some pretty amazing stuff. I wish I could have seen this in progress.

Last Of All

I’ve just started watching a new anime series called Baccano. It’s really interesting. I’ve only watched one episode thus far, but plan to watch the rest. For all you anime lovers out there I recommend checking this one out. It’s only maybe 16 episodes long, and you can find it on hulu with english dubbing. I’ll even try to post a mini-review after finishing the series. Well hope you enjoyed your monday, and have a great one!


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