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Monday’s Funny Vids of the Day

Super Mario Bros Frustration

I’ve had this in my favorites for two months now. Its a pretty long video, but it is hilarious. Hope you enjoy and laugh to near death like I did.

Harry Potter and The Granger Stalker

I found this last week and thought it was pretty funny. Oh green screen what would we do without you?

My WTF of the Day


Weird Al And Grammer

Hmm, maybe I should do this to books…

Wes Anderson Directs The Fellowship of the Ring

I found this on the web a couple of nights ago and found it hilarious. But it made me ask, who’s Wes Anderson?

Pixar’s “The Terminator”

After watching the last video I decided to watch more of Malnek’s videos. Then I landed on this. Immediate hilarity!

The Muppets: Stand By Me


Pacman: The Fake Movie Trailer



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