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Monday’s Funny Pics of the Day

Hey everyone, hope your Monday wasn’t so bad. Here check monday’s stuff and hopefully it fills you with laughs. I’m still working on a review for Bioshock 2, but in the mean time I snuck in a movie review of Alice in Wonderland.

Late Easter Bunny

This is for Easter. I hope everyone had a great one. Now I’ve got to get me some more peeps…


In celebration of me recently starting to play Super Mario Sunshine here’s a picture from ry-spririt from deviantart. He’s got some pretty cool illustrations, you should check them out! Ry-spririt’s Page…

Rebellious Dog

This dog has lots of cajones! Now this is the type of rebellion that makes people awesome. Time for me to pee on some signs! Mwahahahaha!!!

Watermelon Shark

Watch out! It’s a TRAP!!!!

Know Your Body Language

This is from saturday morning breakfast cereal. I wonder if this body language is true…


Hehe, thats why Toad sucks. Because he isn’t real….


Is it wrong to talk to your food?


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