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Friday’s Other Stuff

My Own Narnia?

This is for fans of the Chronicles of Narnia. Maple Seed Renovation Blog has a post about a client who has a cabinet that is actually a secret play room for his kids. Its pretty neat, I think I might make one myself in the future, but make it less Narnia and more Batman. Click Me I’m The Link

1988 The Year of Cool

Comic Alliance had an April 1st post yesterday about a new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic. Its actually a 1988 rendition of the comic universe, where a new group of extaordinaires are introduced. Its pretty funny and awesome at the same time. Makes me wish it were real. Click Me 1988 Times!

Mamono Saber

I found this little game today from another blog and boy is this thing addicting! All you do is click on the screen when you want the person to jump and he’ll jump. The site’s all in Japanese so I don’t know what it says, but all I know is that little sword guy is addicting. Click Me To Jump!

Some Pranks

Since yesterday was April Fools Day, here is a list of the top 10 most cruelest child prank videos. These are pretty good, and I’ll admit the #1 would make me sad…. Click Me To Laugh

Lando’s Love Lessons

Lando Calrissian has several pieces of advice for the lady folk, and are they pretty funny. If you don’t know who he is, he’s from Star Wars, but of course you knew that already. Click For Advice

Something About Breakfast

How many of you eat eggs and bacon for breakfast normally? I use to, but haven’t recently because of laziness. And I normally don’t listen to studies or even their results because I need hard empirical proof that the study’s results are plausible, but I love bacon. This article states that if you eat a full breakfast of bacon and eggs instead of cereal you’ll be healthier or even readier for the day ahead of you. Would You Like Bacon With Your Sausage Link?

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Have you ever heard parodies of the Fresh Prince intro theme? Well Geek-o-system has listed their favorite from 4chan. Many of them are hilarious, but my favorite is number one. Click For A Bout Of Fisticuffs

Body Wash For The Manliest Of Men

Recently Tim and Eric (yes those guys from [adult-swims] Tim and Eric Awesome Show) have recently made some hilarious Old Spice commercials. They are epic with manliness! You know what, I’m gonna buy some right now! Click For POWER!!!!!

One Final Story Today

A man was arrested in Switzerland on April 1st for breaking into the Large Haldron Collider. As Police were arresting him he claimed that he was from the future. The article says that he was wearing funny clothing and that after explaining that he was from the future, the reason for being at the Haldron Collider was because it causes the world to end. I thought this was pretty funny since many believe that the Haldron Collider could create a black hole that will destroy all humanity even though it hasn’t done it yet. If only the man from the future knew he returned on April Fools Day….  Click Me To The Future


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