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Friday’s Funny Pics of the Day

Hey everyone, I’m back for my friday post. It was an eventful April Fools and friday. I got pranked about nine times by my roommate, but we also pranked others. Our apartment complex was even pranked. Well I hope your April Fools day wasn’t too painful, and enjoy Friday’s Stuff!

The iCade

Need something spiffy for when you play games on your iPad? Well guess what this is for you……..well if it were real. Sadly this was an april fools joke, but does look cool. Lets hope Steve Jobs takes a hint and makes these!

Made For Each Other

This is for the Lord of the Rings fans out there. These two were destined to be together, even if it meant the ending of middle Earth….


At least he didn’t say: “That’s what she said…”

The Race

The hare would have a chance of winning, only if the tortoise gets off of his rest break….

Sleep Stalker

Now I wonder what my pillows do while I’m not sleeping….

Coffee Analysis

Hmm, wonder if there’s one for tea….


This is how I drive!


2 Responses to “Friday’s Funny Pics of the Day”

  1. Hey I like your blog! Cool pics!

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