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Wednesday’s Other Stuff

This is other interesting stuff that I didn’t think fit in the other categories, and also this is my last update for the night. So everyone, enjoy and have a good one!

The Expendables Trailer

Have you ever wanted a movie with all of the top action stars in it? Well this may be your dream come true! This movie looks like it’ll be good. Even good ole Arnold has a quick cameo! Now this is something in the theater I can look forward too 😀

Oompah Brass Cover Toxicity By Britney Spears

This is a pretty catchy cover. I don’t really like Miss Spears, but damn this cover is good…

If Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon Was An NES Tune

This is what it would sound like if their whole Dark Side of the Moon album was an NES tune instead of a rock album. Its pretty interesting. If you want more of this 8-Bit ear food, look on the side bar of this video on youtube and you’ll find more 😀

Exciting New Way To Cook Bacon

You want to cook bacon the way manly men cook it? Then check out this link. It explains the secrets of the manliest of ways to cook the most delicious food in the world. Oh bacon how I love thee!

Opposite Of Adults

I listened to this and at first thought of MGMT’s Kids, and thought this song would be horrible. But its pretty good, hope you feel the same way.

MGMT’s New Album

Since I just showed a music video of someone who remixed an MGMT song, I might as well share some news about the band too. They have a new album coming out soon, but someone leaked it a bit early. Thinking about what to do, the band decided to just stream the entire album (legally) on their website for all their fans to listen too. Its worth a listen, and afterward, if you like it head to the store and buy it! I AM THE LINK!

Wednesday Philip Defranco Show

I’ve been watching Phil’s videos on youtube for half a year now. He’s one of the influences in why I decided to make a blog, and decided to post a link to his videos on here. You should check it out. He’s pretty funny and talks about interesting news as well as random stuff.


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