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Wednesday’s Funny Pics of the Day

Hey everyone, sorry about the zero post streak for a while lol. I’ve been busy with the first week back since spring break. I’ve decided I’m gonna try something new with my blog to make it easier but keep it almost the same as it was. I’m only going to post on Mon, Wed, Fri, and possibly Sat and Sun. Hope you all enjoy!

Birthday Cat

He must really hate birthdays, or he’s depressed because its not ice-cream cake.

Business Lessons Learned From (Chicken) Zombies

Hmm I wonder what would happen if we took business lessons from werewolves???

iPhone Desk Phone Dock

I thought this was pretty cool, I wonder though if you could play music on the iPhone and hear it through the phone docks receiver…

Cycling Master

WTF? Now that’s a pro! To pedal so fast that your stationary bike is no longer stationary!

Literal Batman and Robin

Hmm, if this was the case, would they ever think of teaming up with Beast Man?


Oh the life of a pokemon fan! If only there was still this much excitement over tomagachi’s….

In Case of Drowning

If you see anyone drowning you must:

1) Laugh out Loud

2) Eat bacon

3) Call the police

Now that’s how you do it! If only Superman had the same routine….


2 Responses to “Wednesday’s Funny Pics of the Day”

  1. Business Lessons Learned From (Chicken) Zombies & In Case of Drowning are my favorite. Is it sad that in the drowning photo all I saw was LOL? My geek husband will be proud.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed some of the funny pics lol 😀

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