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Movie News 3/08/2010

Hey everyone, I was randomly surfing the web and checking all my normal sites when I ran across some news that I thought were interesting big grin

  • UGO had a good article and trailer about a new cheezy asian horror film called Womb Ghosts. The trailer looks pretty spooky lol. I really enjoy asian horror flicks, especially if they are really scary oh my Go Here To See The Article
  • Are you a Stephen King fan? Have you read the book Pet Sematary? I’m a pretty big Stephen King fan {of his books and the films adapted to them} and read Pet Sematary in high school. Supposedly the guy who worked on the film adaption of 1408 {Mathew Greenberg} will be taking his shot at remaking Pet Sematary. I, for one, liked 1408 and really liked the two Pet Sematary films. A remade version should be good, hopefully they include the ‘wendigo’ in this adaption of the book! Go Here To See The Article
  • Anime news: I haven’t heard of this series before, but supposedly many anime fans have been craving it. ‘You’re Under Arrest!’ is a drama comedy about two female police that are partners. This version of the series {Full Throttle} came out in 2007 but now RightStuf now has that season {full 12 episodes} for sale for $23.99. I’ll probably read up more about it before I think about buying it. Go Here To See The Deal
  • Did you like ‘The Hangover’? I did, and so did the actors who starred in it. So much that they’ve decided to film a sequel. MTV interviewed Ed Helms and he seemed excited for a sequel. He pretty much says that the original cast is going to be back, but I’m wondering how this will play out. As much as I liked the first one, I think they should just leave it at that…. Go Here To See The Article
  • And the last piece of movie news….Keanu Reeves was asked on the red carpet last night if there was a possibility of a new ‘Adventure of Bill & Ted’. He vaguely answered “sure” so there is a possibility of seeing this in the near future. I’m excited, I loved the original. But could the two actors be too old for their parts? We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out, maybe it’ll be most excellent or most hanous… big grin Go Here To See The Article

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